The Improv Academy


Don't think outside the box. Instead, break it

The Improv Academy at UCF has been a phenomenal outlet for young students to find their place, make great friends, and learn some comedy along the way. The program is run entirely by students and therefore they needed some help when it came to marketing their upcoming final show of the semester.

The school had given them one of the largest rooms on campus to perform in, and with only a week before showtime, they asked me for help in finding a way to fill a room with more than 200 people. Inviting people to an event on Facebook is one thing, but doesn't guarantee results. 

I decided that given the fun nature of an improv show, our approach should match the energy of the product. The goal was to provide the students with the incentive of additional performance time on stage to whoever brought the most people to the show. Furthermore, we managed to manufacture a movement thanks to the YouTube persona we came up with. This tactic successfully generated plenty of buzz around campus for the show. and resulted in a packed audience and some very happy improvisers.